Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Indoor Plants to Grow for Air Purification


                                                                    PEACE LILY

Plants can offer amazing benefits!  Grown indoors, they'll easily allow you to experience better health.  Indoor plants can relieve tension, reduce stress levels, purify the air and even help with the healing process.  I like to have as many 'real' indoor plants that will fit into my tiny apartment.  I have a problem with plastic or artificial indoor plants!   Not only are they ugly, but they don't have the health benefits of living plants.

Indoor plants clean air naturally and return oxygen into the air you breathe.  They also regulate air humidity, eliminate toxins, filter chemicals, and some of them even kill viruses and germs, but not all of them do this equally well.  NASA and the Associated Landscape Contractors of America (ALCA) have studied this and produced a list of indoor plants that are the MOST effective for eliminating indoor air pollution.

1) Areca Palm - A low maintenance and fast growing plant, the Areca Palm will bring the tropics into your home and purify the air.  This plant is rated among the best houseplants for removing toxins in the air.

2) Boston Fern - Also low maintenance and fast growing plant, the vegetative growth filters pollutants out of the air and controls humidity.

3) Peace Lily - A powerful air humidifier and cleaner, the Peace Lily was selected as the "Desk Plant of the Year" in 2007!  These beautiful plants love shadow and warmth, but not direct sunlight. This plant effectively purifies the air from cigarette smoke, the smell of printers and gasoline, while at the same time adds more oxygen to the air.

4) Rubber Plant - A popular houseplant and one of the easiest to take care of, the Rubber Plant loves medium light and heavy watering. The Rubber Plant is a great natural air humidifier and cleaner, and also absorbs toxins and pollutants from indoor air.  Warning: Rubber plants' leaves are toxic for people, so make sure to keep it out of reach for your children and pets!

5) Dracaena - Janet Craig is the most popular of Dracaenas grown indoors due to it's tolerance to shade and lack of water.  The Janet Craig can eliminate benzenes, ammonia and formaldehyde from your indoor air and also helps to soak up a little bit of the carbon dioxide your body naturally produces.

More air purifying plants for your home are:  Aloe, English Ivy, Snake Plant, Philodendron, Bamboo Palm, Golden Pothos, and the popular Spider Plant.  

As a rule, always keep children and pets away from your plants just in case you're not sure if they are toxic.

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