Sunday, May 4, 2014

Doctors Oath "Do No Harm"

Anti-Psychotic drugs as well as Bi-polar medication are extremely dangerous and detrimental to your health.  In fact, those pharmaceutical drugs are considered a modern form of LOBOTOMY.  And most of you know what that means because it impairs your judgment and can make you into a vegetable.  Eating a healthy organic diet and living healthy will not only reverse illness but you'll feel and look better!   Doctors prescribe a course of chemotherapy for their cancer patients, when in reality if most doctors developed cancer they would use an alternative therapy for themselves.

People are dying or become ill every day from taking harmful medications prescribed by their own doctors whom they trust to help make them better.  In most cases, only one medication is prescribed for the wrong reasons and used for multiple ailments.  For example Celebrex is prescribed as an anti-depressant and for arthritis , when indeed it actually causes depression.

Seroquel is the market name of a drug called "Quetiapine," which is produced by AstraZeneca. It is primarily used as an antipsychotic for schizophrenia or to treat bipolar disorder. However, doctors and psychiatrists also prescribe this drug for off-label usage to treat alcoholism, insomnia, anxiety disorders and major depression.    Off-label medications that are prescribed by doctors are actually drugs promoted by representatives of the drug telling the doctors how to manage their patients.   Pharmacy Companies use commercial advertising to sell their drugs to the medical community, even though they are dangerous and harmful.  The doctors know this because of a [BLACK BOX WARNING] from the FDA , allowing them to prescribe these medications without the patient knowing. Therefore, people have died terrible painful deaths from this illegal practice.

Medical students should be retrained for Natural alternatives to a problem.  To treat the cause of a medical issue and not just the symptoms!   There is a Net Profit for the doctors to lie to their patients about these dangerous drugs.  They are paid a handsome profit for prescribing them to you.

So the doctors oath "Do No Harm" has no meaning for the doctors prescribing dangerous medications to their patients. 

My antidote for today is to read your pharmacy prescriptions, pay attention to the side effects, and get a copy of your own medical records.  Make sure to be your own patient advocate! 

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