Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Stuff The Turkey, Not Yourself!

The best part of Thanksgiving is getting together with family and friends. But while enjoying holiday get togethers, all the amazing food selections can make it easy to eat too much.

So here are some tips I use to avoid over-indulgence:

• Use a smaller plate; you can only fill it up so much.

• Wait at least 20 minutes before you go for seconds; it takes about that long for your brain to figure out that you are full.

• Watch the high calorie drinks; you might be doing well on the eating part but blowing your calories on drinks.

• Understand what you have to do to burn those calories off …

Other tips that help me when going to a Thanksgiving dinner:

Pick one dinner; too many people have two or sometimes even three “dinners” to go to. If it cannot be avoided, have appetizers at one place, dinner at another and dessert at the last place! Make sure you are not hungry when you go. Otherwise, your eyes will be much bigger than your stomach, and that miserable feeling will follow soon from overeating.

Laurel ♥

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