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Why You Should Avoid Processed Conventional Meats

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The cells in your body are being destroyed and mutilated by industrial chemicals never meant for human consumption.

While the meat packers kill the "24 hour sickness" with chemicals so you won't get it, your cells are being destroyed and mutated by industrial chemicals NEVER meant for mankind to consume.
The conventional meat industry is SO POLLUTED that they have to bleach the meat to kill bacteria, viruses and especially E-coli and Salmonella. This goes for infected cows, chickens, turkeys, pigs, and even fish that are shot up with artificial growth hormones and antibiotics. Ammonia is also used for the same reasons.

Flavors and color are easily added back in using MSG, red dyes, nitrates, and other poisons on top of the fact that you're eating TOXIC meat from animals that most likely led horrendous lives full of pain, misery and shock upon their day of death.

For the most part, meat is "murder" in the US and the fast food and restaurant chain junkies are oblivious, until the oncologists and heart specialists break the "bad news," and that's if they ever do.

1. Ammonia at the Factory equals Cancer at Home - Should you be asking the US food industry key questions or just boycotting meat altogether?

Have you ever smelled ammonia and been drawn back quickly, as if you've taken a whiff of some smelling salts? You probably know the potent industrial chemical smell from glass and WINDOW CLEANING PRODUCTS.

The federal school lunch PROGRAM uses over 5 million pounds of ammonia-injected beef trimming each year. The ammonia "sterilizes" the beef and kills some pathogens, but E. coli and salmonella still contaminate cow-derived products and the USDA has been hiding this industrial chemical ingredient from public awareness.

Become aware! - that ammonia changes DNA cell structure in humans and warps cells, fueling cancer development, especially in cleansing organs like the pancreas, liver, and the list goes on.

Are you eating pink-slime-ammonia burgers? Are you eating an industrial chemical that is allowed to be "classified as a processing agent" and not listed on labels, and just how long does it take to get cancer this way? Learn more about this well-kept secret.

2. Since most conventional meat contains bleach, why isn't it white? The US meat industry uses nitrates for the red "color trick" that makes you sick

What's your poison, a steak or a burger? Does it look real fresh at the butcher's station at your favorite grocer, just that right, distinctive tint of red? Is it turning a little brown in the package now? Does it even matter?
Carnivores know the distinctive color of bacon and hot dogs. It looks like that "healthy flush of just-slaughtered meat," but processed meat sold in stores was slaughtered long ago, then bleached to kill bacteria, so what happened?

Nitrates and Nitrites are additives that increase meat's shelf life but shorten human life. It's that simple.

Nitrates give meats that "Junk Science" high salt content flavor, and most carnivores are just plain addicted. Don't say bacon three times in a row and ring a bell or Pavlov's dogs (all the carnivorous humans) will start salivating!

Pay close attention, meat eaters, to what it is your organs are consuming.

3. Hormones given to cows to make them fatter cause cancer in ALL animals, including those who consume them

In the United States of America, two out of every three cattle are pumped full of hormones because it makes the meat industry more money. Period. The only problem is that rates of breast and PROSTATE CANCER are skyrocketing correspondingly.
Hormones like progesterone, oestradiol, verall and zeranol disrupt the human body's natural balance, causing more than one kind of biological "effect." Much less European women are afflicted with breast cancer than US, as the EU (European Union) bans these sex hormones that speed up the maturity of cattle and "fatten them up."

Children are particularly sensitive to sudden growth or breast development at levels that can rarely be detected in any laboratory. Of course, the United States has tried to coerce this Union of countries into accepting this hormone-laden meat, but the ban has not been lifted. Sounds like common sense is being used by the EU.

4. Antibiotics are highly overused in cow, turkeys, pigs and chickens to stave off infections - how many are YOU getting from that?

Why in the world are so many people becoming immune to antibiotics and more vulnerable to infectious diseases and infections from surgery and hospital bacteria, viruses and Superbugs?
The answer is that most antibiotics sold and utilized in America are inside animals at the confined animals feeding operations that fuel the meat and dairy industries.

So what is a Superbug? A Superbug is an incredibly dangerous infection from deadly bacteria that the World Health Organization, W.H.O., calls "one of the three greatest threats to human health."

All known antibiotics are useless in treating certain ones, like the CRE, which rose out of the systematic ABUSE of antibiotics by doctors and also factory farms (CAFOs) that fuel the fast food industries and chain, corporate restaurants.


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