Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Avocado Bacon Cheese Melt Croissant

I live in a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota and it's so nice to know that you have some options if you only eat organic food. When my friend Eve and I visit one of our favorite restaurants, we either go to Living Water's Cafe or People's Organic in Minnetonka, Minnesota. When we go to the Living Water's cafe, we always end up ordering the same item on the menu and split it because the portions are so huge. They make an Avocado Bacon Cheese Melt Croissant sandwich that's to die for!  So I decided to recreate the recipe for myself and share it with you!  This is my version of that delicious croissant melt:

1 large organic whole-grain Croissant, split in half
1 tsp organic mayonnaise
½ avocado, mashed
3 slices cooked uncured bacon or turkey bacon, cut in half
2 slices fresh organic tomato
2 slices organic gruyere cheese (or your favorite cheese)

Open the split croissant and spread the mayonnaise on the bottom half. Add the sliced tomatoes and slices of bacon. Spread the mashed avocado on the top half.  Add the 2 slices of cheese and place both halves on a microwave safe plate. MIcrowave for approx. 20 seconds or until cheese is melted. Put the croissant sides together and serve with fresh fruit or organic chips.


Laurel xoxo

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