Friday, August 22, 2014

Frozen Watermelon Smoothie

Yesterday it was 85 degrees in my home state of Minnesota with 93% humidity, but it felt like 100 degrees!  I just purchased a watermelon at the Farmer's Market and I thought why not make a refreshing Watermelon Smoothie to cool off.

My watermelon smoothie recipe is just perfect for hot summer days! When it's hot and humid and you're totally parched, there's nothing more refreshing and revitalizing!

1. Buy a ripe watermelon. Cut the red flesh into chunks and freeze overnight.
2. Slice a ripe banana, and freeze the banana pieces overnight.
3. Once your watermelon and your banana are frozen, you are ready to make your smoothie!

1 cup Spring water
2 cups Watermelon (diced & frozen)
1 cup Fresh Organic Strawberries (sliced & frozen)
1 Banana (sliced, then frozen)


Pour 1 cup of spring water into your blender. Add the frozen ingredients one piece at a time, blending each ingredient on the highest setting. Continue to blend your ingredients until the smoothie is free of all chunks.

SERVE immediately.

Stay Cool!

Intuitively Yours,
Laurel xoxo

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