Monday, May 19, 2014

The Benefits Of Lavender Essential Oil

The health benefits of Lavender Essential Oil include its ability to remove nervous tension, relieve pain, insomnia relief, skin care, and more.  Lavender's Latin name is Lavare, which means "to wash", due to its clean aroma.  Lavender oil is extracted from the flowers of the lavender plant which are fragrant and has been used in potpourri for years.

The key health benefits of organic lavender essential oil include:

Nervous System- Lavender essential oil has a calming scent which makes it excellent for nervous tension.  It helps to treat migraines , anxiety , depression and emotional stress.  The refreshing aroma removes nervous exhaustion and restlessness and increases mental activity.

Sleep- Lavender essential oil induces sleep and often is recommended for insomnia.

Pain Relief- Lavender essential oil is also an excellent remedy for various types of pain, including those caused by sore muscles.  A regular massage with lavender oil provides relief from pain in the joints.

Respiratory Disorders- Lavender oil is extensively used for various respiratory problems including throat infections, flu, cough, cold, and asthma.  It is added to many vaporizers and inhalers used for cough and colds.

Skin Care- The health benefits of lavender oil for the skin can be attributed to its antiseptic and antifungal properties.  It's used to treat skin disorders such as acne, wrinkles, psoriasis, and other inflammations.  It also heals wounds, cuts, burns and sunburns rapidly as it aids in the formation of scar tissue.  

Other health benefits of lavender oil is it's effectiveness against insect bites!   It also repels mosquitoes and moths.  

I use Veriditas Organic Lavender Essential Oil regularly for the ingredients in my homemade skin and hair care products.  Veriditas lavender oil is inexpensive and can be purchased at any natural food store in your area.  I highly recommend Veriditas Essential Oils because it's less expensive than many other essential oils and it works splendidly!  

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