Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The 2014 Shoppers Guide To Pesticides In Produce

There is a list put out each year tested by the EWG (Environmental Working Group) of the top 15 fruits and vegetables with the least amount of pesticides, called "The Clean Fifteen".  The EWG list is to help you buy produce at the grocery store if you can't always buy organic.  The most contaminated fruits and vegetables list is called "The Dirty Dozen".

Here is EWG's 2014 shoppers guide of both lists to help reduce the amount of pesticides you consume in your diet:

"The Clean Fifteen"

1)  Sweet Corn
2)  Onions
3)  Pineapple
4)  Avocadoes
5)  Cabbage
6)  Frozen Sweet Peas
7)  Papayas
8)  Mangoes
9)  Asparagus
10)  Eggplant
11)  Kiwi
12)  Grapefruit
13)  Cantaloupe
14)  Sweet Potatoes
15)  Mushrooms

"The Dirty Dozen" (Recommended to buy organic)

1) Apples
2) Strawberries
3) Grapes
4) Celery
5) Peaches
6) Spinach
7) Sweet bell peppers/hot peppers
8) Nectarines - imported
9) Cucumbers
10) Cherry tomatoes
11) Snap peas - imported
12) Potatoes

Recently Updated -

PLUS + 2

+ Domestic blueberries
+ Kale & Lettuce

Please also read my post "Tips on Buying Healthier Foods for Your Family", which explains why you should read the labels on produce.

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