Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mom's Recipe Box

I recently found my mom's old recipe box, an amazing treasure for me since the recipes were all hand-written by her from many years ago.  Some of my best memories were centered around the fragrances emanating from the kitchen and watching my mom prepare delicious meals for our family.

My mom's name was Serene, and not only was she a fantastic cook, but she was a beautiful woman inside and out.  It is my desire to bring her delicious recipes back to life and share some of them with you... 

"Thank you mom for all your love and your devoted time spent in the kitchen preparing all of our meals and teaching me how to cook.  I'm dedicating this blog to you mom.  I love and miss you so much!"

Your daughter,
Laurel ♥

Mom & Me


  1. What a great tribute to our mom. She was a wonderful cook and I continue to use her recipes. Especially her brisket.

    1. Thank you my darling sister! Mom was a wonderful cook and I also have her brisket recipe.


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