Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Does Anyone Even Care?

I've been writing for about two months, helping people to live a healthier lifestyle and improving their quality of life.  Do you care and love yourself?  Would you rather hear about mundane activities that other people write about?  Maybe I should write about the weather, how to clean my house in 20 minutes or which Hollywood actress is pregnant.  Is everyone in denial about what's happening to our world today?  Do you care that most of the foods you're eating are full of pesticides?  Yes, you can sit in your comfortable home with your husband and children - ignore your health, keep drinking your diet colas, eating junk food, and processed sugar.  But guess what?  It's a fact, it eventually will make you ill or kill you.

I'm just a woman alone who can barely make it through the month with the one check I receive for my disability.  My passion is writing about my journey back from illness and pain to a healthy life and sharing it with my readers.  My father is deceased, my mother was senselessly murdered in April 2000, and my only son was killed by a drunk driver one year later.  I could have sunk to the lowest depths and turned to drugs or committed suicide, but I am a survivor!   I have myself and my self worth, and I actually love myself.   If you don't love yourself , you can't love anyone or be passionate about anything you do in your life.  Most of the time I'm happy with my solitude, but I'm not lonely.  I enjoy preparing my healthy salads and organic foods - yummy!

I intend to keep writing my posts to help you live a healthier longer life, even though I feel sometimes only a few of you are reading the important and crucial information I'm sharing with you.  Life is a journey, it just depends on what path you choose.   I thank God for my sense of humor, which has helped me get through the tough times in my life.

God Bless all of my devoted readers, and thank you for reading my posts!

Intuitively yours,
Laurel  ♥

Live life to it's fullest!  We're only here for a moment ~

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