Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Eyes are the "Windows of the Soul" & "The Reflection of a Healthy Lifestyle"

There are many ways to improve your vision by training your eyes with techniques too lengthy to mention for this article.  My intention was to find out if you can improve ones nearsighted vision to 20/20 perfect vision or better.  I discovered some interesting facts while researching this subject.

The eyes operate in close connection with the liver and kidneys.  If your liver or kidneys have poor function, it causes the eyes to ache and also causes dark circles under your eyes.  

Dark circles under the eyes is a common concern for women.  Cosmetic companies have created dark circle concealers and creams just for this one issue alone.  In fact, dark circles stem from unhealthy eating habits which causes your liver and kidneys to function poorly.

Did you know?  If you are in good health and eat organic foods blinding light shouldn't bother you, and you shouldn't need sunglasses (just don't look directly in the sun).  If you blink too much it is a sign of organic weakness.  Eating too many sweets, fats, animal foods & alcohol makes the eyes tired and weak.  Excess liquid intake causes edema, lower back pain, and puffy bags under the eyes.

Improving your eyesight:

  • Do you sit in front of a computer too long?  Make sure to look up every 8-10 minutes.  This will reduce eye stress which relaxes the mind and body, therefore improving your vision.
  • Are you stressed?  A stressful situation that lasts for months or years weakens your vision.  The more relaxed you are, the better your vision becomes.
  • Brushing your hair can improve your eyesight!  Brushing your hair while bent over improves your vision.  ( I was stunned to discover this)
  • Eating an organic diet improves your vision in a short amount of time.

My personal experience:

I have needed corrective lenses for nearsightedness since I was 7 years old to see the blackboard clearly, and into my adult life.  In January of 2010, I had a eye exam performed by my optometrist, and I needed eyeglasses to see distances.  

Just last month, I became concerned because when I wore my glasses everything was blurry.  I had needed an eye exam for years but overlooked it, but now I had reason to visit the optometrist for my current problem.  My recent exam at the beginning of February 2014 astounded me.  The results showed that my vision was corrected to 20/20 in one eye and 20/15 in the other.  I just needed glasses for my night-blindness which the doctor performed a test to show that I had it, which I already suspected.  

My journey began in November 2013, when I decided to improve my life.  Eating organically and I gradually stopped taking most of my pharmaceutical medications.
My stress levels became lower and I felt better than ever.  I truly believe that in 4 short months I have improved my eyesight to perfect vision!  Although I still need reading glasses for reading small print.

Final thought - Change your lifestyle and enjoy the blessings of perfect vision for a long healthy life!

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