Friday, June 12, 2015

Easy Homemade Eggshell Toothpaste

We all know that visiting our dentist at least once a year is important to our oral health, but have you ever thought of brushing your teeth with eggshells? Eggshells contain the perfect amount of the ideal substances for healing cavities (which regular toothpastes do not), and huge amounts of calcium and 27 other minerals.

This whole revelation about eggshells is actually backed up by a dentistry school in the Philippines, where a study took place, comparing various commercial toothpaste brands along with their own compounded toothpaste from eggshells. They discovered that over time, the teeth cleaned with the eggshell toothpaste had less plaque build up and stronger enamel. This is due to the fact that eggshells have calcium and other trace minerals which are essential for healthy enamel, thus preventing cavities.

Homemade Eggshell Toothpaste

The advantage of this toothpaste is that it contains natural ingredients, it’s cheap and effective. It also allows you to avoid commercial toothpastes that may cause cancer or embed plastic in your gums. Compared to commercial toothpastes, baking soda and eggshells are much less abrasive, and therefore healthier for your teeth.

¼ cup organic free-range egg shells (ground up)
2 Tbs. or more unrefined coconut oil
1 Tbs. baking soda
10 drops Peppermint Essential Oil


  • Give the eggshells a rinse and boil them for a few minutes to get rid of the pathogens. Then air dry them. 
  • Grind up the shells in a coffee grinder or food processor until they turn into a fine powder. 
  • Combine the ingredients in a bowl, adding coconut oil until it reaches a smooth consistency (you can adjust the amount of the coconut oil).  
  • Add the Peppermint Essential Oil. 
  • Store in a jar. Use a spoon to put the mixture on your tooth brush.

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