Monday, December 1, 2014

Have You Heard of the Mountain Rose Apple? A Colorful Surprise!

The beauty and sweet flavor of the rare mountain rose apple adds depth to any recipe.

Want to add more autumn harvest beauty to your table? The mountain rose apple is the perfect fruit to do just that.

Grown only in the Mount Hood River Valley of Oregon, these rare Japanese heirloom apples are not only gorgeous on the outside but are crimson red all the way through. The mountain rose apple maintains the coloring even through a cooking process. The autumn delights are full of a strawberry-like flavor and make wonderful apple pies.

The mountain rose apple is grown in Oregon at a family farm called Hood River Organics. While the cultivation may take a bit of extra effort and the growing process is difficult, the one time per year harvest is completely worth every moment. The result is the apple that takes the cake, or pie as the case may be.

Since Hood River Organics are the only farm producing these apples in the United States, the supply is a bit more limited than regular apples. To purchase the mountain rose apple, you have to buy them directly from the source.

Purchase mountain rose apples from Mikuni Wild Harvest

I would love to taste one of these beautiful rare apples.  They're organic and not available in the grocery stores.

What do you think of these lovely apples?

Laurel ♥

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