Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Regrow Foods From Kitchen Scraps

If you prefer to plant an economical garden, did you know that you could grow this year's garden from scraps of food?  Guess what, you can!  In fact, some of the leftovers that usually end up in the trash can be used to grow some of the simplest  and most inexpensive plants.  Just make sure you buy organic fruits and vegetables, because conventional produce is treated with herbicides and pesticides, which rarely are able to produce a second generation.  If you frequently purchase GMO produce, you should be aware that suicide seeds were most likely used to grow them.  They cannot produce another generation of viable seed.  Basically, they are just not healthy for you!

The following 5 foods can be easily grown from the scraps you normally throw away:

Green Onions:  The first thing you usually do with green onions is chop off the root ends.  However, if you soak the roots in a container of water, making sure to leave a short shaft of green about an inch above the line of clean water, and place them in the sun, you will have a new batch of green onions.  After a few weeks, you will be able to plant them in your garden.

Celery:  Do not throw away the root base of your celery, but save it and set the base in a glass of shallow water and make sure to leave it in a sunny spot.  After a week or so you will begin to notice new celery sprouts growing from the center of the base.  After they are a few inches high, plant them in your garden.  Remember celery prefers cool weather, so if it's too hot outside, simply transplant into a pot in a sunny window inside your home.

Carrot Greens:  Buy organic carrots that still have the green 'tops' attached.  The green on top can be used to grow new carrots.  Well, actually just the green parts only, which are extremely nutritious.  You can't grow an actual carrot because the root is the part you consume.  Regrow the green tops using a shallow dish with a little water and sunlight.

Ginger:  Simply plant part of a fresh ginger root and you can grow more ginger.  Plant the new bulbs face up in potting soil.  Purchase a rhizome (the plant stem) and plant the remaining section.

Romaine Lettuce:  You can grow new romaine lettuce leaves simply by using the heart of the lettuce.  Lettuce is always a good food to regrow your own and save you money, since organic prices tend to be higher than conventionally grown produce.

You can even grow potatoes, pineapple, red and white onions, garlic that has begun to sprout, and turmeric root.  Now is the time to cut way down on your monthly grocery bill and begin growing your own organic foods using kitchen scraps.

Happy growing!

Intuitively yours,

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