Sunday, February 9, 2014

Research Project: How to Minimize Withdrawal Symptoms of Processed Sugar

T.J. would like my help withdrawing from her sugar addiction of pop, pastries, and chocolate with minimal withdrawal symptoms.

We all want to look better and feel better!   Processed white sugar (and flour) are the most unhealthy foods you can eat.  A sugar habit makes you fat, leads to heart disease, diabetes and even cancer.

Giving up sugar is easy for some people.  My friend T.J. has unpleasant withdrawal symptoms when trying to eliminate sugar products from her diet.  Her symptoms, which I've never had, but are very real include: headache, fatigue, nausea, irritability, and just feeling lousy.  T.J.  is a woman over 50 - I know for a fact that sugar causes withdrawals at any age and your gender doesn't matter.

So I was presented a project to find out if I could find the answer to minimizing sugar withdrawal symptoms for T.J.   I found two answers to the problem.  One is an opinion by an expert in the field, and the second one is my opinion after reading so much about the subject.  You and T.J. can try one or the other, but one thing is a FACT, eliminate sugar from your diet so you can be healthy and happy.

One Opinion ( generalized):

Acknowledgment is the first step towards giving up a habit.  Once you acknowledge that you have a problem, then you can make a choice.  Do you want to keep eating sugar and sugar products when  you
know that it's extremely unhealthy for you?  Or make the decision to go without it and experience a few days of uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.  T.J. must make this choice on her own.  She will see that life without sugar is worth it!  

My Opinion:

 I believe you can minimize your withdrawal symptoms from sugar!  The answer is so simple but will it work for T.J.?  ( to be determined in a later post when I present my findings to T.J.)   

My suggestion is to replace T.J.'s sugar intake with raw organic honey in place of sugar in tea or coffee. Stop drinking sodas and replace them with organic tea, or spring water ( the requirement is 7-8 glasses per day) and just add a slice of lemon to it. T.J  can eat chocolate, but it should be organic dark chocolate and keep it to a minimum.  If anyone or T.J. must eat a donut or any pastry, then go to the organic health store...they have organic pastries, cookies and cakes made without sugar or white flour.

Final thought:  

What would be your choice?

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